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Paul A. Braginetz has authored over 60 patents as issued and has assisted in the issue of hundreds more. A cum laude graduate of Syracuse University in the field of industrial design, he is also a graduate of The Infantry School (Ft. Benning, GA), The Chemical Warfare School (Edgewood Arsenal, MD), and The Military Intelligence School (Camp Ritchie, MD). He has been employed in industry by Underwood Research & Development Lab, Capital Products Corp., American Safety Razor, Philip Morris Inc., Schick, Black & Decker, LogEtronic Inc., and Virginia Panel Corporation. He has invented computer interface systems related to the F-117A and the B-2 stealth aircraft. Braginetz holds two patents that deal with the studies of ellipses and throchoids which were significant in rotary engine design. Braginetz is now recognized for solving one of the worlds three famous impossibilities, a math problem dating back 2000 years 'trisecting the angle'.   Braginetz is currently a independent consultant to industry experienced in product development and manufacturing, including but not limited to injection moulding, die-casting, extrusions, stampings, and computer interface systems.  Braginetz lives in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. Braginetz's hobbies include poetry and leathercraft.



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